Here’s Another Junior Video For Your Enjoyment  0

The Juniors Have a Present for You  0

The juniors worked for the last two weeks on some great music videos! They’re hilarious, heartbreaking and beautiful.


Click here to watch all of them.

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Updating the site this week with new style and content! Please bear with us!

GreenBizz 2013!  0

Histories of Our Families by the Class of 2015  0

The first 10th grade showcase of the year was fabulous! 45 students shared stories about the love, beauty, joy, heartache, struggle and lasting commitments in our collective family histories.

Here is a brand new album showcasing all of their excellent work.

Lesliejane Pada – Histories of Our Families

Blanca Fajardo – Histories of Our Families

Gonzalo Negrete – Histories of Our Families


Magical Mayhem  1

Our first foray into special effects. Watch the blood fly…

Here’s the¬†album.

GG NO RE!!!!!!! from Digital Safari Academy on Vimeo.

Histories of Our Families – Class of 2015  0

CS Scratch Games  0

Computer Science students published their first games using the Scratch programming tool from MIT. Check out all of the results in their gallery.


Kerouac  1

DSA 11th graders were given a quote, a piece of music and the goal of making a one minute video that fits it all together. Here are the results.

To see them all, check out the album.

Kerouac – Gabby, Allie, and Enid

Kerouac – Sunny, Angelo and Daiana