Greenbizz Customer Surveys at Todos Santos Plaza  0

Mrs. Fontanilla doesnt like mushrooms. Not one little bit.
Mrs. Fontanilla doesn't like mushrooms. Not one little bit.

DSA seniors took one of the first big steps in the annual GreenBizz project on Tuesday when they surveyed the patrons of the Concord Farmers Market about their potential products.

Overall, students are excited about the response their products received and are now ready to tackle the next challenges, including their seed money requests on Wednesday and Thursday. Already, student companies are dreaming of millions and saving the planet at the same time. Fun fun fun.

In other developments, Mrs. Fontanilla’s severe aversion to our friend, the fungus, was confirmed by a test with a special purchase from the market. So, if you’re looking for a gift for her…

Check out the photos from the day at our Flickr photostream.

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