Salt Point Weather Chases Seniors Away  0

What began as a memorable camping trip to the ocean, turned even more memorable due to the huge storm that descended upon the DSA seniors. The record storm that battered the Bay Area and Northern California dropped into Salt Point at 10 p.m. Monday night. By morning, several inches of rain and heavy winds had damaged several tents, soaked most of our gear, chased several girls to the van, and created a waterlogged and tired group of seniors. With much more rain and wind inthe forecast, there was no choice but to abandon our temporary home for more solid walls.

The trip started out with bad omens from the beginning. Only an hour into the trip to the coast, the bus broke down leaving campers stranded in a parking lot in Santa Rosa for several hours. However, the beauty of Salt Point and the delicious “Randy Mac” had students quickly forgetting the dreaded bus.

Sunday night and Monday were cloudy, but beautiful. Students explored the cliffs and tide pools (Stephanie found a perfect starfish.) Mr. McCollum introduced the DSA to the chaotic assassin game which had everyone on edge (Daniel, Isaac, and Mr. McCollum ended each other simultaneously to the game.) We found out Marcello doesn’t know how to fold and Jake loves twos. Michelle doesn’t sleep. Very sadly, Thomas likes Kari, but Kari doesn’t like Thomas. Chris and Sabadlab should have played more football growing up. Tiffany is the best of the girls at football. Loris and Lucy should officially wrestle and get it over with. Dane is even uglier without the mask and Nathalie, most certainly, doesn’t like to be scared. J.D. and Thomas know lots of songs for the guitar, but only half of them. Isaac didn’t tell any haunted doll stories. And finally, Brandon didn’t get naked in front of Zach, much to Zach’s relief.

Though shortened by a day, the trip was certainly fun.

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