DSA 2nd Semester will be a busy one  0

The second semester will be a busy one for DSA students with many dates already on the books and many more to be added. So, get out your calendars…

February 17 – 10th Grade visit to U.C. Berkeley (Randy and Ms. Stirton’s alma mater!)
March 6 – 10th Grade Snow Trip!!!
March 16 – 10th Grade Career Exploration Visit
April 1 – 11th Grade visit to San Francisco State
April 3 – 10 – Spring Break!!
May 8 – Junior/Senior Prom
May 10 – 14 – Junior Peer Education
May 16 – 19 – Junior Camping to Big Basin State Park
June 2 – Legacy of Imperialism 10th Grade Competition
June 9 – Senior films at Brendan (tentative)
June 11 – Senior Celebration!

Add in all the due dates for papers and projects, time for meetings and trips to I Love for spicy chicken and you can see we’ll be as busy as ever in the DSA. Ready?

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