Legacy of Imperialism Year 6 – The Best Competition Yet!  1

On Wednesday, June 2 the 6th annual DSA Legacy of Imperialism competition took place among DSA sophomores at Diablo Valley College. The quality of student work and the energy in the competition were the best ever – showing the continuing trend that in the DSA things do continually get better with age.

In this year’s competition the team representing Rwanda (Jesus Sanchez, Karen Paredes, and Kaitie Brooks) took home top honors with their plans for a school and community garden to address the chronic need for education and nutrition for children. Other teams honored included the teams representing Angola, Botswana, Togo, Sierra Leone, and Uganda.

For more information on the Legacy of Imperialism project check out the DSA project wiki at http://digitalsafari.pbworks.com/The-Legacy-of-Imperialism.

In addition, check out the amazing country plans published by our 10th grade Legacy teams. The level of design and thoughtful planning is tremendous and a testament to a class that is going places. The rest of the plans can be seen at slideshare.net/randydepew/documents

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