15 Years of Redefining School, Redefining Cool  0

15 years.


I certainly wasn’t sure when we started that we would have been able to say that. It certainly is gratifying to have been part of this experiment from the beginning. To build something and watch it grow into something as special as the Digital Safari is just so awesome. Our founder, Ted Maddock’s vision for how school should be is being realized daily. Thanks Ted. Our lives have all been blessed by what you imagined so long ago.

I just realized we have reached the point where some of our newest students weren’t born when we began. That’s cool.

And, I’m getting old.

But, you know what? We’re getting better and better every year. I fully expect year 15 to be the best year in the DSA ever. This will be our second year offering summer internships to our Seniors (after an amazing trial run this year). We have college visits planned for everyone. We have field trips planned to see the workings of real media companies up close and personal. We have camping. We have snow trips. We have so much more.

We also have our award winning curriculum that produces the finest high school designers and film makers in the state and, produces graduates every year who are poised and ready for the challenges ahead of them in life and college. And, we have our projects that are the envy of everyone. Ready for GreenBizz, Seniors? Ready for I.D.entity, Juniors? Ready for the hardest and best work you’ve ever done Sophomores?

Oh, and we have the best teachers and students around.

I’m just so proud of everyone who’s been a part of it all from the teachers who helped change the way education is done to the administrators who trusted we knew what we were doing to the 500 plus graduates of our program out there making the world a better place.

WooHoo! 15 years!

And, we haven’t even gotten started.

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