The senior camping trip was over two weeks ago…Randy writes about it two weeks later  0

Our 38 seniors and 4 brave teachers returned from our annual Senior trip unscathed. Days exploring Shelter Cover Regional Park, beautiful sunsets over the ocean, and nights around the campfire made up the moments of an amazing trip.

Some highlights: cliffs, rocks, quad decker sandwiches, dancing at the edge of the ocean, elizabeth’s 5 touchdowns, zzzh zzzh zzzh zzzh, peanut butter and jelly and turkey and cheese and mayo and mustard and jalepenos, Santiago can fit his whole fist in his mouth, Enki telling me to go to #$@#, mike and ike fights, Ashley wins chubby bunny with 15, the epic shoe fight, broken ribs courtesy of Alex, can you hear it in the wind? willllleeey, Battle Royale, Ricardo never knew what hit him, ropes to the beach, caves with all natural graffiti, the sun is bright, I’m Daniel Walsh, kindness and generosity, scaling rocks and feeling cool, rock baseball, who ever knew there was this much kelp in the world? Ashley and Santiago’s 3 hour stories, seaweed whips, more Bacon than you could shake a stick at, fresh hot coffee at the store, fresh Hot Cheetos at the store, Eric’s and Jeanelle’s onesies, the ceaseless sound of the ocean, Chelsea’s jeggings, I just never knew Elaine and Jazmine were ready for the Octagon, the cool spider, great friends, shooting stars and the milky way, a porta-potty just for us boys, random violent tackling/wrestling type action, showering under the sky, I used to like Jeanelle, the tree tunnels, Willey falling in the fire ring…”I’m open!”, grammar lessons on a secluded beach, Ms. Stirton and her cabana boys, drawing light pictures, curfew violations, s’mores, smores with reeses, Alex doing the break dancing on the rock, Megan’s pancakes, Megan’s pancakes with McCollum’s touch, washing the rice three times, Anna is our mom, Santiago beating Danny so badly at Yu-Gi-Oh (or so he says), Yessica’s space sandals, screaming into the abyss, the seventh wheel, where’s Megan? wow that fire is hot, Pauline’s summer winter beach outfit, and lots of love.

Please, those of you who went, comment on your own memories of the trip.

See all 400 some odd pictures here.

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