DSA Seniors Sweep Prodiance ‘Next Entrepreneurs Competition’  0

The winners pose with Prodiance CEO Soheil Sadaat

Three groups of Digital Safari Seniors won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the 2011 Next Entrepreneurs Competition sponsored by Prodiance. The competition, open to high school students throughout California, brought over $2500 in scholarship money to the winners. The winning business plans were created as part of the DSA’s annual GreenBizz project which produced its own set of winners and scholarships this past January. However, the Next Entrepreneurs Competition allowed the students of the DSA to see where they stand against students on a regional and state level. We are very happy with the way things turned out, proving again that students at Mt. Diablo High and in the DSA can compete against anyone, anywhere.

The winners and their company summaries:

1st Place: Emerald Grow – Abegail Cariaso, Chelsea Latteri, Angelique Dawkins

Over time, the world has used up a significant portion of its oil supply with one third of it already depleted. Emerald Grow is a company that dedicates its efforts to decrease our dependency on foreign oil and increase the Earth’s sustainability.  The biodiesel Emerald Grow produces is made from selectively bred algae grown in fertilizer runoffs – thereby contributing to pollution clean-up.  Algae – it’s small enough to go unnoticed yet big enough to change the world.

2nd Place: Piezo Power – Daniel Walsh, Cesia Gomez, Jessemar Servida, Enrique Vazquez

Piezo Power believes in the viability and well being of future generations. There by Piezo Power created Electroturf™, a sub-flooring that harvests energy as it is walked on. By providing a simple and reliable alternative energy to lower the consumer’s electrical bill we can bring security from volatile energy prices. Piezo Power not only creates cleaner energy, but it also makes you money.

3rd Place: Husk Paper – Jazmine Wong, Alex Ramos, Louis Deleon

Husk Paper Products is proud to present paper products made from corn agripulp. Made using the same processes as wood-based paper, corn agripulp paper offers quality and performance that can wipe, swipe, and clean up any mess. It is an inexpensive and eco-friendly solution to the problems caused by heavy deforestation. Husk Paper Products: good for the Earth and good for your pocket!

Congratulations again to everyone in the Class of 2011, these awards belong to all of you and are a testament to the hard work you put in every day.

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