2012 GreenBizz Innovation Fair January 19th  1

On January 19th, the 7th Annual Digital Safari Innovation Fair will take place at Centre Concord. The evening kicks off at 5pm with our annual Investor’s Fair during which all in attendance will receive $50,000 in “investment money” to invest in the companies on display, (the results of those investments will help determine the winning company!) and will continue with our finalist presentations, judged by members of the Contra Costa County business community. The evening is always fun and exciting. If you haven’t experienced the GreenBizz project before, you will be treated to an inspiring evening of what is RIGHT with our schools and our kids.

Winning companies will receive over $1000 in scholarship money as a reward for the hard work and dedication required to win this grueling semester long project.

For more information on the GreenBizz Project and the Innovation Fair, please visit our Digital Safari project wiki, our Innovation Fair site, or contact Randy Depew at 925-682-4030.

See you at the Fair!

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