Learning Outcomes

The DSA student is a(n):



  • Awesome Collaborator and Communicator


      1. Work cooperatively with others in achieving shared goals
      2. Proficient in reading, writing, listening and speaking
      3. Takes responsibility for self and others
      4. Aware of appropriate context and audience


  • Critical Thinker and Problem Solver


      1. Develop creative and relevant solutions
      2. Be brave, curious and intellectually experimental
      3. Take chances and learn from mistakes
      4. Accept and embrace challenges


  • Self-Directed and Resourceful Learner


      1. Creatively and appropriately use technology
      2. Take responsible ownership of original work and learning
      3. Critically assess and synthesize resources
      4. Manage tasks and time well


  • Good Human (Journey Through Life)


      1. Ethical, responsible global and local citizen
      2. Be a positive member of a safe and supportive community
      3. Practice cultural awareness and acceptance
      4. Persevere — Don’t give up!


  • Master of Academic and Career Skills



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