Senior Camping Trip Announced to Salt Point State Park  0

The annual Digital Safari senior camping trip will take place from October 11 – 14 at Salt Point State Park along the Sonoma Coast in Northern California. Salt Point features rocky promontories, panoramic views, kelp-dotted coves, the dramatic sounds of pounding surf, open grasslands, forested hills, pristine prairies, and pygmy forests along 6 miles of rugged coast. The group campground sits a few hundred feet above the ocean and offers amazing views in a beautiful, secluded setting. Cost for the trip will be $60 per student and will cover transportation, food and lots of fun times.

Though camping at Salt Point is far from roughing it, our current senior class proved themselves capable in settings that would make Survivorman wince after experiencing 3 days of heavy rain, collapsed tents and soggy bottoms at Sugarloaf state park last spring. We’re excited to see what unique experiences this year will bring. Maybe we’ll get a Tsunami!

Information on permission slips and other finer details will be coming soon.

The DSA Be the Change Team and Next Step Workshop  0

Over the past year, the DSA’s connection to Challenge Day has provided powerful experiences for learning and growth for hundreds of DSA and MDHS students. In order to continue this work, several students have formed our DSA Be the Change Team. This group will be supporting the successes and struggles of each of us through peer support,¬†working to incorporate the Challenge Day principals into our daily lives, and performing independent and positive acts of change for the DSA and MDHS community.

The first meeting of the Be the Change Team this year will be Wednesday at 2:30 somewhere in the Academic Building (find Randy, he’ll tell you). Come and join us.

In addition, the Next Step to Being the Change workshops will continue this year. Next Step is a three day challenge day experience with the power to transform lives. 17 DSA students attended Next Step last year and came out of it with the strength, love and passion to accomplish their goals. The first Next Step workshop for the year is September 18 – 20 at the Challenge Day offices in Concord. The cost for students is $100 – a relative value for the depth of experiences provided (some financial aid may be available). Please see Randy by Friday if you are interested in attending this powerful and inspiring workshop.

The Digital Safari Academy: Year 14  0

Welcome to year 14 of the Digital Safari Academy. It’s been a fantastic first 13 years and we have reason to believe year 14 will better than ever!

First, we have an awesome group of Seniors. After ending last year with an incredible night of performances for ‘Speaking of I.D.entity‘, they showed themselves to be as talented a group as any we’ve ever had. And, for those of you who know anything about the DSA, that’s saying something. (See some of the videos at the DSA Vimeo channel I’ll get the rest up soon ~ R ). This year they will be carrying DSA pride with them as we invite the International Hospitality and Tourism Academy and the Arts and Humanities Academy into our annual GreenBizz competition. We believe we have the right group to defend the DSA’s longstanding title as ‘best academy anywhere in the universe’.

Second, we have a Junior class full of the some of the friendliest and most solid people you could find anywhere. We grew in huge ways as a group and they, as so many groups that came before them, are poised to do amazing things as a class. We begin the year with our annual Speaking of I.D.entity project and finish with our first ever video podcasting project on the culture of MDHS.

Third, the DSA was selected as one of only two academies in the nation to begin the development of a college readiness and internship program for our students. We begin this year with job shadows and college trips, and then next summer will begin to place all of the class of 2011 into internships working with media in our business community. It’s an honor and privilege our students richly deserve.

Fourth, the DSA has the best teachers around. DSA teachers form a team of loving and committed professionals as good as you’ll find anywhere. We love our students, we know they’re great, and we know we’re in this thing together.

Fifth, the summer lab fairies have brought us new equipment. The working side of the lab is now running new iMacs everywhere. And, we received a grant from flip video spotlight to purchase 16 new Flip video cameras for our video podcasting project in the spring. Our new web hosting service serves up our new blog (and blogs from all your teachers), and will provide each DSA student with a email account.

Finally, we have our newest class entering the academy. The class of 2012 will be the DSA’s 15th graduating class when they cross the stage in 3 years. We certainly expect big things from a class privileged to occupy such a monumental spot in the history of ‘the best academy anywhere in the universe.’

Again, welcome to year 14. It’s going to be a heck of a ride.

DSA Movies Moving to  0

Because of filtering problems with YouTube within our school district, we will be switching our videos over to Vimeo is a video streaming community for creatives that doesn’t allow the commercial and copied content that weighs YouTube down. I am impressed with the quality of video and the user experience, as well as the amazingly cool content posted by other users.

Our new Digital Safari Academy Channel currently has some of the most recent movies created by our Seniors for the Searching for Utopia project. Much more content, including the video highlights of our recent Speaking of I.D.entity project will be uploaded soon.

Here’s Loving Melody. Written and Directed by Christin Hunter. Starring Carlos Montes, Jesse Panugaling, and Francis Albano and featuring a rather large number of DSA extras…

Loving Melody from Digital Safari Academy on Vimeo.

Digital Safari’s Site Changing  0

We’re making changes to The changes will enable us to do a better job of sharing the work of our academy and our students with our community. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the DSA, please contact Randy Depew via email at

In the meantime, you might just want to do some shopping at our DSA store at, check out some of our current projects at our DSA Project Wiki, check out our Flickr photostream, or see some of our videos at youtube.